How To Deal With Car Insurance Adjusters

There exist individuals who work extensively for insurance companies. They go through extensive training before they get the job. They are most likely the person you’re going to deal with most of the time. They’re called insurance adjusters.

These people always stay up-to-date regarding the industry. They have a lot of tasks on their hands. They check what happened during the accident and give liability advice to the insurance provider. Most importantly, they are responsible for talking to the people involved in the crash when negotiating the claim.

The three type of adjusters

They are freelancers who aren’t part of any company. These are called independent adjusters. They usually work for themselves, are under contract, or a private firm.

Some public adjusters offer their services to the general public. They prefer doing this as compared to working for insurance companies. Some drivers prefer talking to these type of adjusters.

The ones that are called staff adjusters work for insurance companies. They are responsible for everything mentioned above. If you are buying from an insurance company, you are likely to be dealing with these adjusters.

When you first meet the adjuster

The adjuster will ask for a recorded statement. They will also ask you for your medical records by making you sign a release. Remember that whatever you say in your comment will be used by the company. That binds you so if you’re not ready to give one, you should request for a few days to collect your thoughts.

Your adjuster should give you a letter confirmation of the conversation you had. You should also ask for a claim number. After that, you will receive several letters from the insurance company. There will be one that says they are ready to discuss the claim.


Go and take your car to a trusted repair shop. If they charge a reasonable price for the repairs, the insurance provider will likely accept and give you the amount you need. Make sure you inform the adjuster you want equal original car parts and not cheaper replacements.

The negotiation

You should start creating a settlement packet as soon as possible following the car incident. Make sure the papers are organized and keep a pen with you to write down the details of the conversation. You must have with you your estimates of the damage, medical bills, car repair invoices, and other necessary files.

Claims adjusters prefer negotiating with a person who comes prepared. They also appreciate someone who is professional and polite. Make sure your claim is based on data and facts, not just how much you feel you should get.

A good settlement

Good negotiations don’t just happen – they are crafted and worked on. You need an adjuster to settle a claim so don’t try to do it yourself. Both of you have a stake in this negotiation – you want an amount, and they want to get it done without a hitch. Make their jobs more comfortable and you’ll get your claim faster.

You should make sure that you are treated fairly. This is why you need to be well-informed. Use the information you read here and make that smooth negotiation.

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